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What is coaching?

The goal of coaching is to help individuals identify how they want their life to look, how they want to feel, identify obstacles in their lives, and create a plan to overcome those obstacles in order to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.  This is done through a series of sessions where the coach will ask thought provoking questions and hold space for the individual to explore their dreams and desires in a welcoming, judgement free space.

What are the fees?

The discovery session is free.  During the discovery session we discuss any questions you may have about the coaching process, discuss what you would hope to gain from a coaching engagement and ultimately decide if you feel coaching is a right fit for you. 
All other coaching sessions are $50 per hour.  Packages are available upon request.

What about confidentiality?

Privacy is very important.  All client information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone with the exception of the following instances; if there has been a threat of violence towards self or other individuals, if the coach has been court ordered to share information, or select information is requested by the ICF for credentialing purposes.

What if it isn't working out?

Coaching client and coach have the right to terminate the coaching relationship at any time if they feel progress isn't being made, they are not working well together, if either has become uncomfortable with the coaching relationship or if the client feels they have made the progress they were striving for.

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