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Coaching is not...

Life coaching is not therapy or counseling, and it's not mentoring either.

It's crucial to understand that life coaches don't operate by giving advice.

Unlike mentors, they don't claim to have a "better way."

A skilled life coach refrains from offering advice. Advice is inherently biased, rooted in personal experiences and beliefs, and what works for one person may not apply universally.

Moreover, life coaches aren't flawless individuals with picture-perfect lives. They don't possess a magical formula for life's perfection. Instead, they serve as guides who create a supportive space for individuals to explore their OWN intuition, knowledge, and experiences.

A life coach excels at asking thought-provoking, open-ended questions that unearth the answers already residing within the individual. They firmly believe that people have the inherent knowledge, power, and capability to shape the lives they desire.

In essence, life coaching is about empowering individuals to tap into their own inner wisdom and potential, rather than dictating what they should do. It's a collaborative journey that respects each person's unique path.

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